Composite Steel Floor Decking is Cold-Formed Steel Decking, which acts as a permanent form. Composite Steel Floor Decking also acts as the positive bending reinforcement for the structural concrete. Which are built into the deck creating a reinforcement concrete slab and act as working platform.

Various applications are multi-storey buildings, mezzanines, bridge walkways, platforms and parking garages, storage facilities, etc.

Technical Specifications
Deck Profile Depth Width Pitch Thickness
44/130 44 mm 956 mm 130 mm 0.63 mm – 1.6 mm
52/324 52 mm 976 mm 324 mm 0.80 mm – 1.5 mm
75/300 75 mm 906 mm 300 mm 0.80 mm – 1.5 mm
Raw Material Standards: As per ASTM A653 / IS 277